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Eli Apple is still an immature NFL player that needs to grow up

Written by Doug Rush

Eli Apple is still an immature NFL player that needs to grow up

I generally don’t write in the first person, but in this one case, I will make the exception.

Aside from writing here at Pro Sports Extra, I’ve also been a beat writer of the New York Giants going back to 2009. I’ve seen a lot of good players and a lot of bad players come and go through East Rutherford.

When you mention to Giants fans a draft bust, one of the first ones people think of is Eli Apple, their first round pick from 2016.

How awful was Apple? Former teammate and Giant Landon Collins once referred to him as a locker room cancer. Granted, Collins apologized for it, but it was out there. Apple now had a reputation.

He’s also had a tendency to giving up a lot of big plays in his career. Like he did against the Las Vegas Raiders a week ago.

On Saturday night, Apple made a key play; a tip on the interception of Ryan Tannehill, which I displayed. I showed that Tannehill, who is known for being a game manager and keeping the turnovers to a bare minimum, made a huge mistake and made probably the most costly turnover of his career.

And Apple clearly had an issue with that.

So in case Apple has forgotten the rest of the bad plays he’s been on the receiving end on, there’s highlights of him being burnt like toast.

I almost let this article slide, but then Apple decided to keep going with his mouth.

I wasn’t letting this end without the last word:

In the end, here’s what I have to say to Eli Apple:

Congratulations on the great play helping your team get to an AFC Championship Game. But let’s not forget, before today, your history in the league hasn’t been that great.

You were traded from the Giants after less than three years since you were drafted and during that time, you were suspended for your conduct; the Saints declined your fifth-year option and after your deal with the Raiders fell through, the Panthers released you two months Into the 2020 season. And here you are, still making a good living as an NFL cornerback.

But instead of worrying about what a simple beat writer thinks of your play, maybe you should be worrying about either the Kansas City Chiefs next weekend.

But I wish no ill-will to you. You are about to compete in the biggest game of your career, especially as a pending free agent.

Good luck next weekend.

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