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El Presidente Dave Portnoy is in Talks to Sponsor NASCAR Driver Matt DiBenedetto

Written by Tanner Johnson

If you follow NASCAR and/or Barstool Sports, then you may have heard about America’s favorite Italian NASCAR Driver Matt DiBenedetto losing his ride for next year.

I said in a previous blog how much I like DiBenedetto, and I’ve also said in previous blogs how big of a Stoolie I am. Well, today on Barstool Radio, El Pres himself said he was in talks with DiBenedetto about sponsoring the driver in the future.

Pres went into the behind-the-scenes details that go into getting a full-time ride in NASCAR, along with the politics associated.

The obvious connection here is DiBenedetto is a full-on Italian. His nickname is the Italian Stallion and his middle name is literally GUIDO!!

Portnoy has arguably one of the most famous food review series on the planet, reviewing pizzas on his One Bite app. Portnoy knows winners when he sees them, and his interest in Matt DiBenedetto, mere days after the news of him losing his ride for next year, is just another example of how Portnoy is playing chess when the rest of the world is playing checkers.

I hope they’re able to ink a deal, and Matt is able to find a full-time ride for 2020. Selfishly, I hope this leads to content from DiBenedetto himself on a Barstool platform; which would provide insane visibility to NASCAR and would be combining 2 of my favorite sources of entertainment.

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