2020 has been a pretty wacky year overall, based on the current events that are happening in the United States and around the world—and we’re only in June.

However, it is reported by Fox 6 Now of Milwaukee that the major effects from Tropical Storm (or Depression) Cristobal is expected to hit the Midwest. And those areas include portions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the majority of Wisconsin.

It is projected to hit the aforementioned regions starting Tuesday afternoon.

In the picture shown, the storm tracker shows the heaviest rains will come down in the West section, along with strong winds that could potentially reach up to over 40 mph.

There is also a reported small tornado threat that has also been issued as a result from the gusty winds.

Cristobal is expected to be diminished by Thursday or Friday. Hopefully everyone is safe out there as this upcoming storm passes through this week.