Ed Reed Says Bethune Cookman Is “Evil” And “Corrupt”

Written by Tony Ghaul

Ed Reed learned about Bethune Cookman’s decision of not hiring him, while he was giving a speech to recruits on campus. In a video Reed could be seen slamming a football and blasting the “evil” “corrupt” people in the school for not giving him a chance to coach at the school.

“They know I don’t want to leave and like I told ya’ll…but there are some corrupt people in this world, there are evil people who don’t care about kids like I do, i want you to hear the truth from me, I ain’t withdrawing my name.

“I got the receipts, they got all kind of stuff going on around here, hoarding these buildings with nothing but trash in them, and Deion was right, and I know I’m right.”

Reed went viral last week when he complained about the dirty conditions of the school.

Ed Reed. Photo courtsey of Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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