Ed Reed Goes Off On Conditions Around Bethune-Cookman Campus

Written by Tony Ghaul

Bethune-Cookman Head Football Coach Ed Reed was incredibly upset and dropped a vulgar rant regarding the resources provided to him by the program’s administration.

Reed, who was hired by the school in December, was on Instagram live over the weekend to address issues not only within his own program but HBCUs in general.

Reed’s thoughts seemed to mirror much of what Deion Sanders had to say about the financial struggles of HBCUs during his two-plus years at Jackson State.

Bethune-Cookman announced in December that Ed Reed would be taking over the job. But he revealed that he isn’t working under contract yet, though he is working.

“I’ve been here for a week and a half and have done more than people that have been here in freaking years. And I’m not even hired yet. Damn shame.”

Reed received backlash over his videos and addressed them a day later. Here is what Reed said in his apology:

“I (sic) regards to my social media and comments about the University, staff and other institutions, I would like to sincerely apologize to all BCU staff, students and alumni for my lack of professionalism. My language and tone were unacceptable as a father, coach and leader. My passion for our culture, betterment and bringing our foundation up got the best of me and I fell victim while engaging with antagonists on social media as well. I am fully aware of the hard working folks at our school who are also fighting to make things better and more financially sound. I am encouraged from my communication with my AD and our administration and understand it’s a work in progress. My passion is about getting and doing better and that goes for me too,” Reed wrote.

Reed, 44, is a member of the Pro Football and College Football Hall of Fame. He spent one season in 2016 as an assistant defensive backs coach with the Bills. He spent the last three years at his alma mater Miami. Last season, he was a senior football advisor for the Hurricanes.

Bethune-Cookman Head Coach Ed Reed. Photo courtsey of HBCU Gameday

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