Ed Orgeron agrees to leave Tigers once season ends

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The Louisiana State University (LSU) has signed a separation agreement with their head coach, Ed Orgeron. This agreement is effective immediately at the end of the season and Orgeron will continue training the Tigers until then. It was the LSU who made the decision which explained that the university’s standards were not met in the last two years. 

60-year-old champion head coach, Ed Orgeron, said that he understood and was expecting this outcome since LSU’s loss to Kentucky on October 9. This agreement is a $17 million buyout of incremental pay until 2025. Coach Orgeron will not be allowed to be employed as a head coach in the Southern Conference (SEC) for 18 months which begins on his departure day. 

Who is Ed Orgeron?

Coach Ed Orgeron was a defensive lineman for the LSU Tigers in 1979 and Northwestern State Demons in 1980 until 1983. He began his career as a coach the following year for the Demons then moved to coach McNeese State Cowboys the next year. Orgeron moved on to coach different states every 1 to 2 years until eventually coming back to coach the LSU Tigers in 2015 where he stayed until the buyout in 2021. It was then that the Tigers became consistent favourites in any American football sportsbook

The LSU hired Ed Orgeron as a defensive line coach in 2015 under head coach Leslie Edwin Miles. When the head coach was fired after the loss to Auburn, coach Orgeron stepped up as the new head of the team. The Tigers had a major overhaul in the system with Coach O taking the lead with new offensive and defensive coaches as well as a new schedule.

The Tigers gained a great boost in performance throughout seasons 2016 to 2018 under coach Orgeron’s supervision. In 2019, they won both the SEC Champions and the NCAA National Championship. Unfortunately, the following years were rough for the Tigers and LSU has decided to part ways with head coach Orgeron in 2021. 

Coach Ed Oregon explained in a press conference in Woodward that he does not plan to coach in 2022 for any league. He says that it is the perfect time as the incremental pay is enough to help him live comfortably while he decides what direction to take in his life. Two of the reasons that he looks forward to his time off is his age at 60 years old while the other is that he wishes to spend much needed quality time with his children. 

The Tigers’ performance so far until the separation agreement

The Tigers are struggling in the standings with 4 wins and 3 losses. Their losses against Auburn and Kentucky were grave with 19-24 and 21-42 score differences respectively. They managed to win with a 49-42 score against the Florida Gators in home court in week 7 but it is not enough to climb the season standings. Stay tuned for more of the Tigers and keep your bets ready for your favourite American football sportsbook.

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