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Ebron To Lions After Colts Resign TE Ross Travis “Better than anyone y’all had” |Did He Admit He Sucked In Detroit? Or Did He Forget He Played There?

Written by TrevStone


Once again. Who is running their mouth about Detroit? Eric Ebron, dude, didn’t we say the shut the fuck up finally? You sit on Twitter and talk shit 24/7, but when you played for Detroit you did NOTHING but drop passes. Be humble for once. Oh, someone trash talked you in your comments, shows how soft you are by your replies.

Thank you for admitting that you sucked, you bum.

“Better than anyone y’all had” dude, idiot, hey, you, with the empty head with no brain, don’t you remember playing for Detroit? We did have you. And you sucked. How many times do I have to remind you?

Or wait.. Is he finally admitting that he sucked in Detroit? I think that might be it.

How’s it feel that with Jack Doyle, Mo Alie-Cox, ROSAYYYYY (or whoever the hell this guy is) that are already on the roster, that the Colts are going to trade you?

Ebron a’int got no drip.

He just got the

Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop.

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