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Earl Thomas Flips Off Team

Written by Daniel Bragg

Seattle Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas was seen flipping off his own sideline while being carted off the field earlier today.

Thomas appears to have broke his lower leg in the several minutes into the 4th quarter of Seattle’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, while trying to defend a TD reception.

Several players, including some from the Cardinals, were seen kneeling next to Thomas while the medics tended to him on the ground.

Once on the cart, cameras caught him flipping the bird to his own teammates and coaches.  The Seahawks went on to win the matchup 20-17, on a last second 52-yard FG from Kicker Sebastian Janikowski.

Thomas has been in a heated situation with the Seahawks front office over a contract dispute. He is in the final year of his contract, and is owed $8.5 million this season.

Thomas held out all offseason, and skipped practices in Week 3 as a form of “hold out” to show his displeasure with the Seattle front office.  Before the Week 4 matchup, Head Coach Pete Carroll said that the front office and Thomas were “in a good place.”

“Told You So…”

This injury will be used by some to point to a similar situation in Pittsburgh with star RB Le’veon Bell. 

Bell has yet to show up for the Steelers this season, in protest over being franchise tagged for the second straight year.  Bell has told the Steelers and the public that he is holding out to “preserve his long-term worth.”  This is the very kind of injury that Bell is trying to avoid by holding out until Week 10 of the season, the deadline set for when he must return in order to become a free agent in the offseason.

Public Perception

Thomas’s little gesture isn’t likely to sit well with his team, much less the rest of the NFL.  NFL players recently have seen how inflated the NBA contracts have gotten, and have become infatuated with massive contracts.  The NFL is not the NBA, and some players are going to learn the hard way.  The NFL has a hard cap, that while increasing, won’t see the massive increase the NBA has seen in recent years.  While players like Bell and Thomas believe that they are doing the best thing for themselves long-term, they may actually be lowering their own stock.  On-field production has to cover off-field issues.  Actions like flipping off your own team don’t look good….to anyone.

The length of Thomas’s injury has not been determined.

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