Legendary Alabama WR’s DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle continue to talk daily, and Smith even made sure Waddle’s mother had tickets to attend their Sunday night game in Philadelphia, as per Up And Adams Show.

Alabama wide receivers Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith . Photo courtesy of NJ.com

The Philadelphia Eagles face the Miami Dolphins in the marquee matchup of the week on Sunday night. Eagles star WR DeVonta Smith and Dolphins star WR Jaylen Waddle were teammates at Alabama and continue to have a great friendship and relationship.

Smith and Waddle have a ton of respect for each other, and both want to impress each other as much as possible. Both are having a lot of success in the NFL.

Both are paired with star WR’s. Smith is paired with A.J. Brown and Waddle with Tyreek Hill. Both of their teams have a 5-1 record.

They also both play with former Alabama QBs. The Eagles have Jalen Hurts and Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa.

Smith has 28 catches for 334 yards and two touchdowns in the season. Waddle has 24 catches for 296 yards and two touchdowns. Both of have similar stats this season too.

Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle and Eagles WR DeVonta Smith. Photo courtesy of thedraftnetwork.com


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