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Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Defends His Defensive Coordinator

Written by Tony Ghaul

The Philadelphia Eagles defense was dominant in a 38-7 beatdown of the New York Giants in the divisional round of the playoffs on Saturday night.

The Eagles defense held the Giants to 227 total yards and seven points in the rout. The offense shined with 416 yards, 268 of them rushing , and scoring 38 points. The offensive got most of the praise, but the defense was equally impressive.

In the court of public opinion, the Eagles third-ranked offense is the star of the show while the No. 2 defense is often picked apart like it kicked the city’s dog.

Head Coach Nick Sirianni addressed that narrative after a statement performance by his team. He said that others around the league are perplexed by the fact that defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon takes so much (bleep) in Philadelphia.

“Man, what did they score? seven points,” Sirianni said when discussing the defense. “Yeah, big time. Jonathan Gannon puts these guys in great positions.”

The style of defense is always at the heart of the debate. Too many people in Philadelphia loved the aggressive style defense that Buddy Ryan employed. Fans have not come to grips, that with the style of the game today, it’s not the best style to play.

When measured against his peers, Gannon’s defense outperforms just about anyone with a philosophy that emphasizes eliminating as many explosives plays as possible.

“Sometimes I have to hear some things about Jonathan Gannon, and I don’t know if it’s you guys. Might be more other people. I won’t say names – (SportsRadio 94WIP Morning Show Host) Angelo (Cataldi) – right?

“But this guy is an unbelievable coordinator. The fact that he doesn’t get respect from our [flagship] radio station blows my mind. It blows my mind. This guy is an incredible coordinator. People love to play for this guy.”

I agree with Coach Sirianni. Gannon is a damn good coordinator and the Eagles are lucky to have him.

Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon. Photo courtsey of John Clark – Twitter

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