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Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Calls Out Complainers Of The Tush Push Play

Written by Tony Ghaul

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni to stop complaining about the Tush Push play.

“There’s clearly a talent to it that our guys have,” said Sirianni. “Maybe it’s automatic right now for the Philadelphia Eagles but it’s not automatic around the NFL, which is when you hear about it…I get that some people are complaining about it, but stop it, stop the play.”

Sirianni is right. All of this complaining, because the Eagles have perfected this play, and now a bunch of whiners want it outlawed. It’s a complete joke. The Eagles do it to perfection. Stop crying and try stop it.

If the Dallas Cowboys or Kansas City Chiefs were doing this, everybody would be praising it. You know that I am right. Andy Reid has guys do a ring around rosey thing and nobody complains.

It’s a great play. Teams can’t stop it, for the most part. The Eagles were only stopped four times in 41 tries last year when they ran it on third or fourth down, so it’s not like it’s a totally invincible play.

The Eagles have the offensive line and quarterback to perfect this play and teams are frustrated.

Sirianni and his staff spent time in the offseason looking at it even more closely to see if they can get better at it.

Even had the NFL outlawed it, which it didn’t, the coach believes his team would be successful on short yardage even without the push and I believe that he’s right.

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni. Photo courtesy of Philly Talk Podcast – Twitter/X

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