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Eagles Fans Seen Throwing Haymakers to Chiefs Fans Inside Casino While Their Teams are Playing in Super Bowl (Video)

Written by Nate

Last Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles were in a dogfight for the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl LVII in Arizona. However, there was also a literal fight between a few of their fans too as the game was going on.

In a tweet by ML Football, there was a brawl going inside a casino with a couple Eagles fans caught on video punching an alleged Chiefs fan near a craps table on the game floor.

The fight would continue to escalate until they reach the big TVs near a sportsbook in the casino.

There’s no clear indication on who and why the fight started, but at least their teams were in for a good game all around.

Sometimes, there are some fans that manages to throw hands instead of shaking them in defeat or after a good play.

**Original/Headline Photo Courtesy: ML Football/Twitter**

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