Philadelphia Eagles fans were standing outside the NovaCare complex this morning with a message of “Run The Ball” for the team at 7:30 AM this morning.

The Eagles have not been employing the running game lately. They have become pass happy. It’s definitely something that needs to change.

The running game is a effective tool to an NFL offense. The Eagles need to get back to a balanced attack.

Controlling the game with time of possession is key to helping out a defense. The Eagles defense has struggled this season. Especially against the pass.

In today’s NFL, with everything geared towards the offense and scoring, even elite NFL defense’s can be scored on.

This week against a potent Dallas Cowboys offense, a running game is needed. The Eagles need to control the clock.

The Cowboys defense wants to rush the passer, gets sacks and force turnovers. Their defense is built to play with a lead.

The Eagles need to be physical on offense and control the ball. The fans outside the NovaCare complex are right. Run the Ball! Big plays will happen in the pass game, if you run the ball.

Eagles RB D’Andre Swift. Photo courtesy of Mitchell Leff/Getty Images


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