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Eagles Fans Find Way To Tailgate All Day

Written by Tony Ghaul

Philadelphia Eagles fans found a way to hack the tailgate. The lots don’t open until 4pm for tonight’s Eagles game. But they open at 8am for the Wings 1pm lacrosse game.

Eagles fans bought Wings tickets just to tailgate for 12 hours instead of 4. You buy a Wings ticket for the entry-level price, roll into the lots with your Eagles tailgate, and then either get a multi-hour head start on drinking or go watch the lacrosse game before coming back outside to continue the festivities.

The Wings benefit either way, pulling another 10k+ crowd or making some money off those lots opening early even if fans don’t go into the arena for the game. This seems like a perfect idea. Just combine the Wings/Eagles thing into a doubleheader, or just buy the Wings ticket and pay the lesser parking price to beat the later opening time for Lincoln Financial Field parking.

Photo courtsey of Phans of Philly

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