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Eagles Fan Flips Out At 49ers Fan And Eagles Fan For Being Cool With The 49ers Fan!

Written by TrevStone

Everyone calls Philly fans scumbags and I’m not here to say that. But I’m also here to make sure you know that I think some of them are. Everyone has a bad group in the stands but Eagles fans? They’re always a little extra. I have a friend who is an Eagles fan and he’s super cool and relaxed. Way more relaxed than me with my Lions. SO I can’t say they’re all scums.

But they take the Eagles very serious and needless to say if you’re an Eagles fan and you bring a friend with you to the game who is a fan of another team, that might not be a great idea. You might get trash talked by your own fanbase.

A group of people were at the NFC Championship game and one of the people happened to be a fan of the 49ers. And Eagle fans as you can imagine didn’t like that. Not only that he’s a 49ers fan but that his friend allowed him to sit by him.

Yeah, this is crazy. But what else do you expect from those scumbags.

Go Chiefs!

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