EA Sports Targeting Summer Of 2023 Return Of NCAA Football Video Game Franchise

It’s been nearly eight years since we were last able to play a NCAA football video game. In February, EA announced that the popular NCAA football video game franchise would finally be returning, but no date was given.

An EA document has been leaked and indicates that the NCAA Football video game franchise will FINALLY be returning around July 2023, with a 4 year license proposal in place. Lawsuits over athlete likeness has been the main reason we have not been able to play and build up programs in NCAA football for years now. It’s about damn time. Now if you’re looking where to bet, Lottabet has you covered!

While this is exciting news, the only complaint I would have is that EA has been absolute shit for a long time now. Hopefully EA doesn’t ruin this and just make the NCAA game the same as Madden, just with different jerseys.

In the meantime, put all of the old NCAA football games on EA access.

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