Dwayne Haskins & Joe Burrow Ohio State QB’s to NFL | What Burrow did in 2021 was beyond magnificent |

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I want this article to be about both the careers of Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins, and how went from great college QBs to starters in the NFL. There was tragic news that QB Dwayne Haskins died on April 9th, 2022, and it left the league shocked. Burrow and Haskins were teammates at Ohio State and had a great friendship. When the news came out that Dwayne had passed away, Joe Burrow took to Twitter, saying “tough to find the words… you will be missed,” with a video of them meeting after a NFL game against each other. Haskins was beating out Burrow for the starting QB position in college, and that’s when Burrow entered the transfer portal and found his way to LSU. Both had amazing years to finish college, and both became starting QB’s at the highest level.

I want to gravitate the article towards the career that Joe Burrow is having and what the Bengals can do to find their way back to the Super Bowl. What Joe Burrow managed to do in his second year in the league is beyond magnificent. He was coming off a torn ACL to begin the year, while he was the most sacked QB in the NFL, finding the dirt 51 times in 2021. The team did next to nothing to fix the offensive line struggles after he tore his ACL. Burrow, 25, led the league in completion percentage at 70.4%, while averaging the most yards per attempt in the league with 8.9. How do you get sacked 51 times and still manage to lead the NFL in yards per attempt and completion percentage, while coming off a torn ACL?

Joe Burrow is giving the Bengals a momentary lifeline to escape their  legacy of pain | Jones -

What did the Bengals do this off-season?

The Bengals managed to make the Super Bowl after coming off a season in 2020 where they didn’t even come close to making the playoffs. The Bengals have really taken note on how many hits Burrow has taken in his short two year career, and they are not messing around this year. Not only are they trying to keep their defense together, which could be an entire separate article, but let’s focus on what they’ve done so far to improve that offensive line. The team retained lineman Fred Johnson, signed lineman Alex Cappa to a 4 year deal and reached a deal with lineman Ted Karras, who spent the last six seasons in New England. After La’el Collins was released from the Dallas Cowboys, the Bengals were the first team to make sure they had a solid grasp on him. I was told that they were expected to sign Collins and then three days later, the Bengals announced a 3 year deal with the 28 year old.

I tweeted this one March 17th, and then the Bengals signed him to a 3 year deal on March 20th, 2022.

It was reported after his signing that Joe Burrow had Collins over for dinner and made his pitch to try and lock him in. La’el Collins had a visit with the Miami Dolphins as well, but ultimately, the Bengals were the ones to win it out.

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