In case you’ve been playing Fortnite for the last 72 hours, two Buffalo Police officers have been charged with assault for allegedly using a 75-year-old protestor as a case study in applied force, gravity, and what happens when the human skull bounces off a sidewalk. Keep in mind that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty (despite the fact it’s hard to watch this video without thinking the police may have been a bit heavy-handed with this old-timer).

In what can only be classified as a case of the police just not getting it, a number of officers (and firefighters) showed up at the courthouse after the two officers’ appearance, applauding them as they exited the court room.

Several questions come to mind:

  1. Were they applauding the American court system for its long record of disparate justice based on income?
  2. Were they applauding the long-documented fact that Buffalo police have an incredible tendency to avoid any significant punishment even when they’re convicted of serious crimes?
  3. Were they cheering their fellow officers for showing the 75-year-old man who’s the boss?
  4. Were they cheering their fellow officers because we’re the police and nobody tells us how to do our job?

It’s obvious that a good number of the officers and firefighters were there simply as an expression of solidarity. However, has anyone thought of how things looked? At a time when the police are viewed with more suspicion and skepticism than ever, this lovefest for Officers Smash and Crush sends the wrong message.

The divide between police and citizens continues to grow and things are only going to worsen as this type of behavior continues.


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