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Dude, Ebron, Shut The Fuck Up, You Sucked In Detroit…

Written by TrevStone

I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed of hearing about one fucking player, Eric Ebron. It’s 4:20 in the morning, (and as I smoke a bowl, yes, Marijuana it’s legal in Michigan.) I’m scrolling through Twitter and once again Ebron is on Twitter talking shit about Detroit. But he isn’t the only one, who else? Kyle Van Noy.

Well, the Kyle Van Noy situation is a little different because well, Detroit’s front office and head coach is from New England, and I’m sure they would know how to use Van Noy now…. Van Noy said that Jim Caldwell didn’t know how to use him, hell, all Caldwell did was sit on the sideline and clap. Interception? Clap. Sack? Clap.

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Oh now… Back to Ebron….

Bro…. Enough is enough. Aren’t you sick of leading the NFL in drops? Like congrats on the Pro Bowl, but a even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, am I right? Like dude, for once. Be humble. You sucked in Detroit. Yeah, Caldwell sucked as a head coach, I know it, we all know it.

It’s pretty sickening though that you worry about Detroit more now that you don’t play there. Like Ebron, you gave two shits in Detroit, you know it. You’ll probably admit it. Look at this… All your Twitter is thing’s to do with the Lions.

But dude on the other hand…

Remember when you missed that block, and somehow Theo stayed on his feet, but your dumbass turned around and ignored the play? Like dude, shut the hell up for once on Twitter. Your fingers probably hurt on Sundays from how much shit you talk on social media. I bet if you were to delete Twitter and all of social media you’d be a 10x better player. What kind of shit is this? Who gives up like this? I could have done this…

Like I said, Congrats on your Pro Bowl this year, but dude, be a little humble for once. You sucked in Detroit. You owe us an apology for the way you played and for the shit you talk. Congrats on finally realizing you have to play with a chip on your shoulder. Sorry Caldwell didn’t teach you that.

Oh, thanks for this one highlight.

Thank god that Ebron and Caldwell are both gone. Glad we’ve got a real head coach, In Patricia We Trust.

Agree or disagree let me know on Twitter.

UPDATE: I am officially in Ebron’s head. He has liked this blog and multiple Colts fans comments. Will he reply? He’s always talking shit, so why not now? Whatcha got to say?

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