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DTU Lucha PPV On 6/12/20 Featuring A Barb Wire Match

Written by Shannon Walsh

DTU Lucha based in Mexico 🇲🇽 will be broadcasting a unique pay-per-view called “Rancho De Mexico” on 6/12/20 live on their Facebook page at 9pm EST for $50 pesos ($2.65 USD). The event will take place on a ranch in open field.

There will be a no ring spiked barb wire match with Crazy Boy vs. Aborto vs. Corsario Negro Jr. vs. Chaneke.

Other matches scheduled are: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Camuflaje, Dariux vs. Gran Cobra vs. Dragon Suicida, Aero Panther and Blaze vs. Fight Panther and Samuray Jr., and a trios match with Black Fire, Paranoiko, and Kaleth vs. Brazo Celestial, Brazo Cibernetico, and Brazo de Oro, Jr.

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