The love for sports has been seen through fantasy applications, so there are many users of fantasy applications in India and worldwide. That is also why new fantasy applications have launched in the market today. 

The fantasy sports application has a market of 150 million dollars. They add millions of people every day in a second. In India, 60 players are currently playing the fantasy sports platforms, and there are 100 million who play fantasy sports regularly. 

India is Cricket crazy nation, where the gentlemen’s game is followed like a religion. There are 400 million people who watch cricket live in India through live streaming apps and TV sets. But people playing today cricket prediction is said to be 500 million, with 40 percent of them play cricket on those fantasy apps. 

Dream 11 and My Team 11 are well-known fantasy applications and websites. The one app has the backing of India’s most successful captain MS Dhoni and the other app is the favourite of India’s successful opening batsman Virender Sehwag. Two legends of India indulge in the apps’ battle. 

Today we shall tell the difference between the Dream 11 and My Team 11 fantasy applications and see which application is the best for cricket and other fantasy sports in India and worldwide. We shall judge them by some parameters and factors – 

  • Total Users of Dream 11 and My Team 11 – The Dream 11 application has 50 million users, and it aims to cross 100 million by the end of this year. Dream 11 was founded when fantasy sports were not well known in India. Now the Dream 11 has been the number one and the most famous website and application in India. On the other hand, My Team 11 is a new fantasy app, which was founded in the year of 2007. But it has done well in a short time. Now My Team 11 has 10 million users, and it will grow as time progresses. 
  • Result on the base Users – The Dream 11 app is quite ahead of the My Team 11 application. Dream 11 is also older than the others in India. Dream 11 is also considered the safest app to play fantasy sports. My Team 11 is a new app, which will take time to build that and reputation like Dream 11. Those are no completion amongst these apps because the competition is done with evenly matched sides, and here Dream 11 is quite ahead of My Team 11. 
  • The Applications of Dream 11 and My Team 11 – Both the fantasy app is easy to use. On the Dream 11 app, one can see the upcoming games and join and play. Dream 11 supports other sports than cricket as well. On the Dream 11 app, the users can also increase their fan following, follow the other Dream 11 users, and engage with Dream 11. The users can also create friends to chat about the game. On My Team 11, the user can follow more sports other than cricket. They can take part in the quiz. But My Team 11 app does not have the community features like the Dream 11 application. 
  • Result based on the apps – Both the apps are well designed and easy to use. But Dream 11 again stands a clear winner because it has more features than My Team 11. If the users love the game like Rugby and basketball, then they can prefer My Team 11. But for only cricket lovers, Dream 11 website and application is the Best. 
  • Fantasy Points System on Dream 11 and My Team 11 – Both the apps have similar points systems. They give double points for the captain and more than 1.5 points for the vice-captain. The points system also changes according to points. Dream 11 has made changes to the points table. But its the same as My Team 11, both give 1 point for the runs scored by the player. Dream 11 gives 25 points, and My Team 11 gives 22 points for taking wickets in ODIS. Both have the same points systems. 
  • Difference between Regular and Safe Play – Both the apps are safe to play. But Dream 11 offers regular play and My Team 11 both regular and safe play. On Dream11 prediction today match, one should apply the skill, but the risk element is also there. The users of Dream 11 need to make the team one hour before the match starts. Now the Dream 11 users can make the team after the official teams are announced. But this rule has taken out the skill factor, and it has become more competitive because the teams will be similar. 
  • The result – My Team 11 wins this one as they offer both regular and safe play in their application. 
  • Team Composition – Team composition is an essential factor while playing the game of cricket. One can select four wicketkeepers on Dream 11 and My Team 11. The users can choose 3 to 6 batsmen on Dream 11 and 2 to 6 batsmen on My Team 11.  
  • The users can play 1 to 4 all-rounders on Dream 11 and 1 to 6 all-rounders on My Team 11. On Dream 11, 3 to 6 bowlers can be selected, and on My Team 11, 2 to 6 bowlers can be chosen. 
  • My Team 11 has an edge here despite the playing compositions of Dream 11 quite similar and quite flexible. 

Which one is the best? 

Both the apps have similar kinds of features, functions, and offerings. My Team 11 is a new app that offers unique features and offers through its application. But Still, Dream 11 is the personal favourite and the top choice of fantasy users. So, it is better to try both the apps and then decided which one is best.  


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