On a night where there are people being honored for all their accomplishments they have achieved, the vibes are always so high and exciting. That was until Draymond Green got ahold of the mic and started chatting it up with the TNT crew. It was all civil and going well until they mentioned his name with Rudy Gobert’s name in the same sentence one too many times.

At first, I thought he was joking around with them, but as the clip continues, I genuinely think Draymond was pissed off. Now I do understand that having someone compare you to someone else is very annoying because you are your own person, nobody else is who you are so there should not be any comparison’s. But that is what their job is as sport analysis people. They find things similar in peoples games and compare them, also Rudy is one hell of a player so it isn’t THAT bad of a comparison, but Draymond made it clear to not mention his name with anybody else’s.

At the end of the day, we all wish that Draymond was playing in the game today to showcase his talents, because he is one hell of a basketball player and deserves all the respect next to his name at the end of the day.


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