Draymond Green Got Ejected For Cussing Out His Own Teammate?

Written by schultzyca

Everyone’s favorite protagonist and self-proclaimed ‘bad boy’ Draymond Green just got ejected for cursing at his own teammate James Wiseman after he committed a turn over. Now I will say this at first I thought he was getting into with Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau. This wouldn’t be the first time Thibs got into an altercation with an opposing teams player show that wouldn’t shock anyone. But it turns out Draymond was harmlessly cussing out his rookie teammate James Wiseman for committing a turnover and not hustling back on defense.

I think this is hilarious and very unfortunate at the same time. On one hand its laughable how bad the officiating has to be to make this call and according to all of the referees on NBA Twitter it has been bad all night. An on the other hand if the officiating is this bad something needs to be done because this should not happen.

Green has deserved his fair share of ejections throughout his NBA career but this certainly is not one of them. Wiseman is going to have to make it up to his vet by buying him something taking him out to dinner, or paying the fine.

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