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Draymond Green Gives the Memphis Fans the Double Bird on His Way to the Locker Room (Video)

Written by Nate

Well, it looks like karma came right back to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green in Game 2 tonight.

Early in the first half, Green received a black eye after getting elbowed in the face by Memphis Grizzlies forward and fellow Michigan State Spartan basketball alumnus, Xavier Tillman.

Though it was wrong to do to athletes being hurt, the Grizzlies fans have erupted in cheers after he was taken to the locker room. However, Green gave the fans a parting (two finger) message as he left the floor.

Kind of ballsy for Green to act tough to them as he was the villain last night in Game 1 after he pulled down Grizzlies’ Brandon Clarke by the jersey, resulting in him being ejected.

Not the first time that Green has done this in the playoffs, and it will not be the last. Just saying.

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