Draymond Green Calls Out The NBA For Double Standard

No matter how you feel about Draymond Green, you have to respect him. He is entertaining as hell and is never afraid to speak his mind. No matter how big the fine is by the NBA. Draymond went on a rant last night when the Cavs sat Andre Drummond because the team is looking to trade Drummond. Draymond Green straight up says it how it is, “It’s bullshit.” He’s correct. People like James Harden and Anthony Davis got drug through the wringer because of requesting trades. Could Harden have gone about it differently? 100%. But that’s not the point.

When a player requests a trade publicly, the player is called a quitter or cancer to the team. But when a team wants to trade a player and makes him sit out, that is perfectly okay? Doesn’t add up. The NBA has come a long way, it is a player-driven league. But the double standard between a player and a team is still here. Maybe instead of blaming Harden, Davis, or whoever for wanting to leave. You should blame the franchise for not being able to build around the player.

This is why you have to respect Draymond. He speaks his mind no matter what the fine will be. Draymond is sticking up for other players in the league and it is awesome. Can’t wait for Draymond to be on NBA TNT one day.

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