Dr. Seuss is Being Cancelled

Written by schultzyca

Last week it was the artist formally known as ‘Mr. Potato Head’ and this week it know the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss (I don’t know how much longer he will be loved for).

A Virginia school district has announced that they will no longer celebrate works from Dr. Seuss because of ‘strong racial undertones’ in some of his books and illustration. Now when I first saw this I was like huh are people just interrupting his work or are they just flat out racist and when you see some of his work that people have uncovered boy are they very racist.

Of course people on conservative Twitter are coming forth and saying how dare you cancel Dr. Seuss he was great! That is just how it was back then. Yes you are absolutely right everyone back in the day was out and about being racist they did not hide it, doesn’t make it right.

Wild that this stuff was not met with some criticism, and I am sure it was but just by the silent majority. It is crazy to me that this kind of ‘art work’ was just out and the open and no one say a probably with it. Well I don’t know if you can cancel a died person but you certainly can cancel his work and it looks like more and more school districts will be following suit it looks like.

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