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Dr. Disrespect Continues To Rise On Twitch, The Most Loved Video Game Streamer! – @drdisrespect

Written by TrevStone

Dr. Disrespect whose real name is, Herschel Beahm IV, continues to be one of the most watched and talk about video game streamers in the World.

He is a two-time world video game champ, Dr Disrespect is a mullet-rocking, mustache-loving streaming personality that welcomes his millions of fans to the Champion’s Club where they enjoy watching him dominate opponents in gaming’s most competitive first-person shooters!

This wasn’t an overnight success either, Dr Disrespect has been posting videos of him gaming online since 2010. Although after 2011, he ended up taking a five year break – he came back to streaming and joined, which is now known as Twitch!

Dr. Disrespect continues to rise on the streaming platform, Twitch. He currently on Twitch he has over 3.9M followers, 157M total views, 93M hours watched, 30k+ avg concurrent viewers, and has streamed over 4,500+ total hours!

Dr. Disrespect won The Game Awards’ Streamer of the Year (2017, 2019) and is known as the the self-described, Face of Twitch.

Dr. Disrespect isn’t going anywhere – he continues to shine…. and rage, which his followers LOVE!

Click here to go to his Twitch!

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