Dr. Andrew McGregor Gets a Huge Ratio After His Tweet About John Madden, Who Just Died A Day Ago

Written by Nate

What a complete tool.

We all have heard about the passing of former NFL head coach and gaming/broadcasting pioneer John Madden, and it was terrible news for everyone. However, there would also be that one person who manages to rain on someone’s parade, and this guy is it.

Dr. Andrew McGregor, a history professor at Dallas College, tweeted out a thread that was worthy of a huge ratio that basically tied Madden’s game to ‘further glamorized violence and dehumanized Black athletes, helping to establish plantation cosplay that has grown worse in the era of fantasy football.’

Yes, really. And the thread doesn’t stop there.

These type of takes from this ‘professor’ would make tweets from Keith Olbermann look logical. And rightfully so, the first tweet garnered a ratio of just over 11,000 replies and 13,000 quote tweets to near 500 likes.

Yeah, it was very much not the best time to sling dirt on John Madden after the NFL legend died just a day or two ago. It’s also not the best idea to link the Madden games to political or cultural talking points such as ‘slavery’ or ‘dehumanizing’ athletes or color in the same sentence.

We know that his bio says ‘views my own,’ but McGregor should’ve kept those negative takes to himself before spouting that tweet. Do better, man.

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