I’m sure people are reading the headline and saying that “the only reason you’re saying this is because she isn’t a man” no that isn’t true at all. There are plenty of females who are amazing announcers. But Doris Burke is trending right now on Twitter and it’s reminding people either how much they love Burke or how much they hate her.

I can’t lie, I’m not a fan of listening to her call games. I always start to feel tired, start to fall asleep, maybe even a little stomach sick, almost like when you’re on a boat for too long. Like the longer you attempt to listen the harder it gets.

No offense to her, but it’s true.

She sounds like she should be calling golf on Sunday mornings.

Like I already said, no offense. She has great handles but I don’t want to listen to her call games. I’m sorry.

Again. No offense.

Her best moment?

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