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Doring’s New Comic Set To Highlight Independent Pro Wrestling’s “Warhausen”

Written by Jameus Mooney

On April 14th, Jason Doring dropped a fundraiser on Kickstarter, with the description of “Independent Wrestling superstars WARHORSE, Danhausen and Allie Kat team up to save reality from the mat mastermind Mr. Impressive.” The three protagonists are a trio named “Warhausen” and all three have separately made a major impact on the Independent Wrestling circuit recently.

Jake Parnell, better known as the Warhorse, is a record setting Independent Wrestling champion currently going viral on the daily for his “Shooting The Breeze With Breezehorse” amidst the global pandemic that is COVID 19. Over the last year, he’s become the biggest name in wrestling not inked to a major company, partly in thanks to his insane heavy metal character. For more on Warhorse, you can read our piece on him from March. Warhorse already has his own documentary and will be featured in video games. It will be a battle of wills as he tries to rule Mr. Impressive’s ass while Warhausen pal Danhausen urges him to stop swearing. Donovan Danhausen will try and bring the antagonists (SoCal Pro Wrestling’s Mr. Impressive) into his bizarre worldhausen. He broke out last year after going straight Vincent Price meets Crow Sting with his look (which, ironically, Surfer Sting is the icon of Warhorse). According to Danhausen himself, his inspirations for the character are The Simpson’s, ’89 Batman, Conan O’Brien and the second installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He is also a part of “Gaytanic Panic” with fellow Indy standout Effy, but his main popularity surge is with Warhausen. Warhorse and Danhausen were to promote their own show in Tampa WrestleMania Week called WrestleVania before the virus outbreak. The final member of the trio is the least known, but equally as amazing Allie Kat. After finding herself in a deathmatch niche, her character became that of a “thicc kitten”, and she’s one hell of a meme.

Together, these three will take on foe Mr. Impressive in the comic. The story, straight from Doring’s Kickstarter page is as followed:

“Metalhead warrior WARHORSE only has two goals in life: to bang heads and rule ass! Following a successful mission saving the world from a nuclear threat, Warhorse receives a mysterious message requesting he be present for ‘books and signings’ at a pro wrestling event at an iconic Southern California arena.

His opponent is no ordinary tomato can, but instead the mighty Mr. Impressive. The only pro wrestler approved by the Comics Code Authority. The devil himself, recognizing that the WARHORSE is outmatched by this cosmically powered grappler, dispatches his unwilling apprentice Danhausen to even the odds. However, Danhausen discovers that WARHORSE must resolve issues with former tag partner Allie Kat, or this plane of existence may be lost forever.”

Doring released his first comic, “The Naked Eye” in 2019. His artist, Lauren Moran, has been featured for the Marvel, DC, Disney as well as Nickoledeon. Wrestling fans, however, may know her from her drawing of Becky Lynch the night she invaded Raw and left Ronda Rousey laying for her signature moment on the rise to becoming the face of WWE. The drawing was featured by WWE and sold on their t-shirts.

Lauren Moran’s outstanding drawing of Becky Lynch.

Her cover:

Early cover for Jason Doring’s Warhausen. All credit goes to artist Lauren Moran.

The original kickstarter goal to fund the project was $2,690 over one month, and only three days, there have been 83 backers to raise $3,752. With still 27 days to go, you can back it even more at Kickstarter, to held expedite publication. Megan Huang will be doing interior art work, her artwork includes Jia and the Nian Monster, Princeless and Jennika (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spinoff). You can find her portfolio here. You can see the portfolio for Rob Jones, who will be doing the lettering, here. To follow the talent on social media, @JPWarhorse, @DanhausenAD and @Meowdyxyall on both Twitter and Instagram. Updates for the project itself @ComicWARHAUSEN

This is huge for Independent Wrestling and three of its brightest young stars, especially with the amount of exposure its lost as well as the talent such as Danhausen, Allie Kat and Warhorse. Different projects like this will help gain the scene a lot more eyes and give the talent a wealth of exposure. We here at PSE are extremely hype for the project and will keep you updated on all of it!

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