Written by TrevStone

I never do this. I’ve been scammed out of money, but this time I’m pissed off.

The team over at WagerTalk agreed on an advertising deal with us – started Friday, and was to be paid TODAY (Monday)….. and the thing is….. I gave them the best advertising deal of the year, they had a VERY LOW budget (but our ad money was lower this month, and I need to pay all our awesome bloggers, so I accepted it.)

They were super excited after I accepted this…..

Late last night/early this morning I have an email come in –

Hey idiots, you did waist my time and you got a free ad out of it. What douches.

Who the hell does this? Talk about burning a bridge before it even gets built. Ran out of budget?

This was literally the lowest amount I’ve charged in YEARS for an ad. And they couldn’t even pay that. This was purely a scam to get a free link on our website; I wouldn’t trust these guys as far as I can throw them. Now I’ve gotta go cash in all my cans tomorrow to pay for some blogs.

I told them that this blog was coming – they said “bye”….. Not that they would pay for it within the month or anything, just BYE.

So well bye to you as well.

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