Don’t Ask @EricLyonsTV To Do His Job, He Will Quit = Charmin Soft | Electrified Vision? More Like Blurry Vision!

Written by TrevStone

I’ll never understand it. I just won’t. It won’t make sense to me.

Umm so lets break it all down… Last month I hired this guy, Eric Lyons, and I liked him. He seemed okay, we had a video chat, seemed like the type of sports guy who would start grinding pretty hard to get blogs out, just what I like. But what I don’t like is when people talk back to me about little things.

I’ve told Eric a handful of times now that his blogs have to be longer and that he has to get more views. That we lose money when blogs are extra short especially if they’re not getting clicks. He didn’t care. He kept blogging some short blogs. And on another note, ProSportsExtra pays to get blogs shared on larger Twitter accounts that help grow our views and this morning I sent him a DM asking if he could possibly make a blog longer due to the fact that I want to get it shared on a larger page.

Simple. Just do it. When the boss asks you to do something, you do it. Just type it up longer for 5 minutes. No need to talk back at all, just do it. All I ask, make it a little longer so I can get it shared for you. HE MAKES MORE MONEY OFF THE VIEWS. Wouldn’t you want to make it longer? According to him that makes him a ‘yes man’ umm.. No, that’s called doing what you boss asks you.

That’s when Eric got upset telling me that there wasn’t a story there. **Even though that the blog is like his most viewed blog** I figured lets up it, boost it on another page, but he didn’t want to try and get a little more detail in there and get it shared on a large account. Nope. That’s when he started digging in! He’s not going to blog about OnlyFans, Barstool, Clickbait, but my big question is..

When did I ask him to do that? I asked him to add onto a story that he already did.

A pretty simple question from the boss. Can you make this blog longer? And then he hits me with this other one has better traction… Umm.. Well sorry but that isn’t true. Your most viewed post has less than 500 clicks, but yeah, he wants to tell me what’ll perform better.

Not once did I ask him to blog about clickbait. I asked him to add onto a story that he already did to get it even more views than it has.

I was going to pay out of my pocket to get his blog shared onto a bigger page and he was upset? Hits me with the ooo big deal. Imagine talking to your boss that way? Yeah, enough of that bullshit. If you’re not going to be respectful at all, find your way out the door. So I said that. If you’re not going to do what you’re asked, we will find someone else.

Moral of the story is, there are some people out there made Charmin Soft and Eric is one of them. When the boss asks you to do something simple, do it.

Instead you sit there and bitch. I’d rather run ProSportsExtra by myself then people like this. Especially when I’m opening up an office soon. I was going to try and pay to get Eric to either Vegas or Lions vs Packers next month – thank god I didn’t. His show? Electrified Vision? More like blurry vision.

Well now I’m going to the new PSE office!

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