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Donald Trump Starting To DJ – Full Send Podcast?

Written by TrevStone

Donald Trump joined the Full Send podcast which is hosted by The Nelk Boys to talk about what is going on in Ukraine, life as a President, but also talked about his life now. I really don’t like getting into politics but for Nelk to go from making funny videos to now interviewing Donald Trump seems wild to me. And specially to see cohost Bob Menery next to Trump, not something I thought I’d see a couple years ago. The entire come up for the Full Send team has been wild.

Since he hasn’t been President, he might have started another hobby, DJing.

No, I’m not joking about this. He said he doesn’t spin the DJ set or anything but what he does instead is pick the songs.

“I pick the songs that I like.” – Donald Trump

What song gets him going? The YMCA.

I hate politics but the Full Send podcast with him is actually a good watch:

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