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Donald Trump Should Credit This Guy For The $1000 Payment Idea

Written by TrevStone

If President Donald Trump starts patting himself on the back for the idea of putting money into Americans hands during this time off need, I’ll be upset. No, not because of the idea of giving money to US citizens – that’s awesome, but for using someone else’s idea and not crediting him.

Two years ago, I decided to join a gang, The Yang Gang. I started following and supporting Andrew Yang for the 2020 Democratic nominee.

A month ago that Yang 2020 dream came apart as he announced he was dropping out of the Presidential race. Days later, I still voted for Andrew Yang in the Democratic Primary.

Why? Because I believe in Yang and his policy, especially the idea of Universal Basic Income. An idea of giving every American $1K every month for the rest of their life as a basic income for basic needs:

To decrease homelessness, to decrease anxiety, to increase the amount of money in the economy, to get ahead of the curve before robots/automation takes over.

He also mentioned that if a situation broke out where people couldn’t make money, they could fall back onto this. That’s exactly why right now President Donald Trump and his team are looking to give Americans cash, because they can’t afford to live when they can’t work.

Thank you Trump for taking on Yang’s idea. Please credit him. Thank him.

Andrew Yang was the only Dem Presidential Candidate who wasn’t worried about ripping apart Trump and his supporters, but rather working forward.

It’s not left, it’s not right, it’s FORWARD!

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