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Donald Trump Made Vladimir Putin His B*tch; Calls Joe Biden Dumb 

For the past nine days, Russia has invaded the Ukraine and torn the country apart with cluster bombs, missile strikes and an endless onslaught from tanks and ground troops. The Ukrainian nation has never seen devastation like this before, and it appears that the invasion will not be ending any time soon.

Although Putin and his Russian forces felt the attack would only last a few days, the Ukrainian military and its citizens have held strong in defending its country. 

One thing is for certain, the United States led by President Joe Biden has done little to nothing to help the process. Interestingly enough, an old quote was brought up by Biden regarding what would happen to the Ukraine of former President Trump was in charge:

Ironically enough, Trump had his own issues with Russia and the Ukraine while he was in office. While he did withhold arming the Ukraine, he believed the issues between the two nations could be resolved without war. And at the time, he was successful. Simply put, Trump let Putin know if he fucked around too much, he would end Russia. Just watch how Trump makes Putin his little bitch in this video below.

What this really comes down to is poor leadership across the board. Vladimir Putin is in the wrong for trying to take what is not his, and as the ”world police” the United States has done a poor job of putting the pressure on Putin. Trump says it best in the video below. He refers to leadership as ”dumb” for starters. He also states that Putin has had sanctions imposed on him for 25 years now. Sanctions will only do so much. He needs to know that the USA will wipe him and his country off the map if he fucks around too much.

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