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“Donald Trump is Frankenstein’s Monster” Niece Claims in New Tell-All

Donald Trump’s niece Dr. Mary Trump is claiming the WWE Hall of Famer was abused by his father Fred Trump, Sr. According to a report by the UK Mail (which obtained an advance copy of Mary Trump’s upcoming book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

Neglected by his workaholic father, Mary claims the President ‘suffered deprivations that would scar him for life’ and describes Donald as Frankenstein’s monster.

The 55-year-old psychologist writes that she believes her uncle is not only a narcissist, but ‘meets the criteria for antisocial personality disorder, which in its most severe form is generally considered sociopathy’. 

She also alleges Donald paid a friend to take his SATs for him in order to attend the University of Pennsylvania for its famous Wharton School of Business. 

The tell-all is in high demand, but there is a court hearing scheduled for July 9 to determine whether or not the book can be released.

It’s not unusual for tell-all books to feature some bold allegations, whether the book is written by a family member (such as here) or an outsider. Whatever the case, Dr. Trump (who is a psychologist) isn’t holding anything back, going so far as to accuse her uncle of having serious psychological issues:

She says she has ‘no problem’ calling Donald a narcissist, as many pundits have described him.

Mary says he ‘meets all nine criteria’ as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the standard text for defining mental illness.

But Mary writes that a case could be made that Donald ‘meets the criteria for antisocial personality disorder, which in its most severe form is generally considered sociopathy, but can also refer to chronic criminality, arrogance, and disregard for others’.

It’s important to remember that controversial biographies of celebrities are nothing new and that a biography can be published with questionable sources. For example, Kitty Kelley’s infamous biography of Frank Sinatra, His Way was criticized, not only for the allegations Kelley made, but for the sources of her information. According to an article at

Notably, His Way relies on sources who were disgruntled former peers of the singer rather than those close to him. The book has been warned against by the likes of Frank Sinatra Jr and former wife Mia Farrow. 

Whether it’s scathing biographies like Albert Goldman’s The Lives of John Lennon (who accused the Beatle of everything short of war crimes) or Gary Crosby (who accused his famous father Bing Crosby of physical abuse in his memoir Going My Own Way), it’s impossible to gauge a biography without a reader doing fact-checking by reviewing the author’s sources and examining if there is any bias.

Whether you believe Dr. Trump’s new book is accurate or inaccurate, it’s likely to be talked about for some time to come (assuming it survives the court challenge).

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