Domestic Abuser Marcell Ozuna Gets NO Punishment From MLB #ComplicitMLB

Written by austenlange

The MLB is a fucking joke. They constantly allow domestic abusers back into their league while facing little to no repercussions.

MArcell Ozuna is the latest to face the soft hand of Rob MandFRAUD. Ozuna essentially missed the whole 2021 season due to his ongoing legal litigations. There was no suspension from MLB, or the Braves, just his agent giving him good advice to step away from the game.

The fact that MLB is only giving him a 20 game sentence for games he already sat out in is outrageous. How in the hell can you try and stop/change the culture all while having multiple abusers/violators on the diamond.

This isn’t me over exaggerating either. The only big name player to face any sort of harsh reality has been Trevor Bauer, and even that was from the Dodgers, not MLB. Aroldis Chapman beat a woman with a gun, no games missed. Roberto Osuna beat his pregnant wife, no punishment. This has all got to stop. Stop allowing players to get away with these things and make sure they face the proper punishment.

Such a braindead comment. How can you place a teams status in the rankings above having players who don’t beat women.

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