Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Caught Vaping On Sideline

Written by Tony Ghaul

During their 34-31 Wild Card game loss to the Buffalo Bills, some fans thought they saw Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel take a rip of a vape while on the sideline.

The video shows McDaniel apparently sneak a vape up to his mouth before taking a drag.

Naturally, this led to rampant speculation on social media that McDaniel was, in fact, vaping during the Dolphins important playoff game.

McDaniel will come under some scrutiny for the Dolphins horrendous clock management during the playoff loss. Maybe his hitting a vape while calling plays explains all the delays on offense.

According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited at the Bills stadium. A statement reads: “Highmark Stadium is proud to be a smoke-free and tobacco-free facility.

Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel. Photo courtsey of

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