Wow! Let’s go. I’m sure everyone who owns Dogecoin woke up a little excited today. The coin hit an all time high of .60 as it continues to skyrocket.

Everyone considered this a joke cryptocurrency, now? Everyone wants in. No one wants to be the last one into Dogecoin! Everyone wants to make money. Well… Long term with Dogecoin is huge! As well as the short term. Hitting .60 is huge. I figured today the highest that it would hit is .50! Was I wrong.

The coin after hitting .60 started to drop, which was expected. People were going to sell when it hit that price and buy back in at a lower rate. Me? I just leave it in there and let it build up. No point in stressing, buying, selling, buying, selling. Instead, I’m just buying. And holding on for dear life.



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