Dog The Bounty Hunter Now Joins The Hunt For Brian Laundrie

YOU BRIAN BETTER RUN BECAUSE THE DOG IS ON THE CASE NOW. Brian Laundrie is screwed now, obviously Laundrie has caught the attention of national media after his fiancée Gabby Petito did not come back with him after a cross country trip now we know she is died.

This whole case is so messed up, and Brian obviously is the number one suspect and is more than likely Petitos murder. Laundrie is has been ‘missing’ since August 27th when he returned home without his fiancee. The FBI has no clue where he is and officially an arrest warrant for bank fraud has been issued for the missing Brian Laundrie. From the medias attention it seems like they may be getting close to finding out where Laundrie is.

There has been flight restrictions set in place not allowing him to fly in the United States. I couldn’t imagine Laundrie if he is smart is in the United States, I would figure he would have fled to Cuba being that Florida where he lives is so close by.

Now Brian is officially screwed because the greatest t.v personality of all-time is on the case, Dog The Bounty Hunter. Yes THE Dog The Bounty Hunter, Fox News has video of Dog just slamming on the door of Brian Laundrie parents and yelling “wheres Brian” it is awesome. If Brian is found by Dog before the FBI it would be so awesome. This scumbag needs to be found.

There is no one better than Dog, if there is someone to find Brian, it would be Dog.

The crazy thing is someone will give Dog the tip he needs and he will find him I just have a feeling. Dog is the best, simple as that. GO DOG!

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