Could this be true? Charly Caruso recently hinted this could be why she’s single, so what gives? Want to learn more, click the article.

So here’s the “Breaking News” well-endowed WWE backstage interviewer Charly Caruso (aka Charly Arnolt) recently was asked on Twitter about her favorite Taco Bell order:

The lovely and talented Charly C. was then contacted by the good folks at Taco Bell, leading to an interesting revelation:

So based on those tweets, I decided to concoct a traditional clickbait title for my article. After all, if ever there was a clickbait title, it’s the one above, and yet, it’s something you’ll find on many wrestling sites where “Breaking News” stories end up being third-hand rumors. “Brock Lesnar Murderizes Vince McMahon.” Hmmm, that sounds interesting. Click it and you read a story about “The Beast” giving Vinnie Mac a beatdown because he felt Vince was endangering wrestlers by holding WrestleMania during the coronapocalypse. As you probably figured when you read the article, you knew it was as phony as the WWE’s “Warrior Award” (that’s another story for another time).

These clickbait articles remind me of the infamous “Mean” Gene Okerlund WCW hotline where “Scheme Gene” would provide insider news to fans who called his 1-900 number. On one occasion, Okerlund teased potential callers that “a former world champion had died”tempting fans to call in ($1.50 per minute). As many who listened to the spot remember, there was the strong suggestion it was Ric Flair who croaked. After fans listened for several minutes, Gene revealed the corpse in question was former American Wrestling Association World Tag Team Champion, “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell. While fans don’t have to pay $1.50 per minute, the clickbait articles are still annoying and usually just as meaningless.

As for Charly Caruso, if she does have bad intestinal gas, she should remember what happened to Natalya.

Stay safe!


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