Does the Baseball Hall of Fame matter

This year Fred McGriff and Scott Rolen were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The process involves making the ballot and getting 75 percent of of the vote to earn election to Cooperstown. First time eligible players include Francisco Rodriguez, Matt Cain, R.A. Dickey and others returning to the ballot were ARod, Todd Helton, Manny Ramirez, Omar Vizquel and others.

The Baseball Writers Association is who elects the member and if they are not elected in there first 10 years and receive 5% of all ballot each year they are eligible. For some reason the voters really enjoy the smell of there own farts and like to keep players out for some reason or another. Curt Schilling one of the greatest pitchers of all time has been kept out of the hall for his political beliefs. ARod, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were kept from election because of there use of steroids. and for unknown reasons Omar Vizquel 11 time gold glover .985 fielding percentage 3 time all star hasnt been good enough to earn election. There even years that no one gets elected into the hall of fame. You literally cant tell the story of professional baseball with out those names.

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