Does Pete Rose Finally have a Case for the HOF?

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With the ongoing investigation of the Houston Astros, a lot of questions have been raised about former players who have been caught “Cheating” or doing something that was against the MLB rules. The steroid era players such as Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, and Clemens, are some of the main talk right now. The one player who has been talked about for the longest time now, long before the this most recent investigation, is Pete Rose.

Pete Rose is on the “Permanently ineligible” list. This is a list of players that are permanently band from baseball for acts such as cheating, gambling, drug use, etc. Pete Rose was obviously caught gambling and because of it, is also not allowed into the baseball HOF.

The Astros have been caught red handed for doing something that has all of baseball up in arms. Every fan on every website, Facebook group, sports media site, is enraged with the fact this went on for as long as it did, and still no players are suspended. Looking like a simple slap on the wrist at the moment.

One of the theories going around right now is that the players actually had electronic buzzers on the inside of their jerseys, and it would buzz anytime a certain pitch was coming. There is even a video of Jose Altuve hitting a walk off home run, running up to home plate, holding his jersey closed and telling his teammates not to tear off his jersey.

There it is, plain as day. Their manager and GM have both been fired and suspended for the 2020 season. Alex Cora, who was the bench coach in Houston in 2017, and the Red Sox have parted ways. Carlos Beltran who’s been the Mets manager for about 5 minutes was fired because of his role in the sign stealing scandal as well.

All Pete Rose did was gamble. The best hitter of all time has been put on a permanent ban list because he gambled on baseball games while playing. Gambling is becoming legal in more and more states nationwide. Recording signs from other team, is not.

Now, one case that can be made against Rose is that gambling on games while playing in that same league still isn’t allowed today. According to a USA Today Sports article, Rose would make a bet once a day in 1987, all of them around $2,000. Not once though did he ever bet against his team. He always bet on his team.

Something else that can be used against him is that he lied about it…for a long time. 15 years to be exact. He finally admitted to what he had done while he was the manager of his Cincinnati Reds. He insisted he never bet on games while he was a player but that was obviously found to be a lie.

So yes, at the end of the day, Charlie Hustle himself broke one of baseballs rules. There is a pretty solid chance the only way he will find his way into Cooperstown is by buying a ticket. All because he gambled on himself and his team. While an entire baseball team blatantly cheated their way through the past 3 seasons. Incredible.

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