Some recent comments by AEW announcer Jim Ross have fans wondering whether J.R. got raisins in his oatmeal instead of blueberries, or he’s just being a bitter old man. Recently, the WWE Hall of Famer appeared on The Roman Show (quote from Wrestling Inc.) and had this to say about the small army of wrestlers released on April 15:

“On Twitter, I get, ‘What do you think about this? Who should AEW hire?’ I’m more worried right now about living to tomorrow. I’m at a high risk for the Coronavirus. You think I am concerned about who’s going to get hired tomorrow? If I were AEW, I would hire nobody. There’s no reason to hire anybody tomorrow. These talents that got laid off, I hope none of them go on a massive pity party. Come on man, you think you’re the only person in the wrestling business that’s been sat down, cast away or taken away from a job? Give me a break. The bottom line is that it’s unfortunate. Some people have to wonder why they were let go. There has to be a reason why they were let go.”

As I pointed out in a previous column, there’s a reason they were let go; Vince McMahon sees wrestlers as a dime a dozen. He let them go, doled out some nice stock dividends (including to himself) and didn’t think twice.

Getting old makes some people grumpy.

Fans have noticed that good ‘ol J.R. has been grumpy for some time, with some fans calling him “Grumpy Grandpa” J.R. Ross may figure he’s been unceremoniously dumped so many times by Vince McMahon that everyone should be prepared for Vince’s mercurial manner. Who knows, maybe he thinks everyone should deal with a good old-fashioned Vinnie Mac surprise send-off.

Maybe J.R. will lighten up after seeing this picture.

J.R. is certainly entitled to adhere to the old school “wrestlers are independent contractors with no rights” philosophy. He certainly wouldn’t be the first person from the old-school person who is unwilling to see that there’s room for improvement in the way that promoters (particularly Vince McMahon) treat their wrestlers.

Do you think Jim Ross is right or is it possible he’s constipated? Let us know in the comments below.


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