It is without a doubt that online casinos are becoming more popular. Technology is a major contributor to this. When online casinos were starting, most people were apprehensive. They thought that they were going to get scammed off their hard-earned money. With time, these fears have been put to rest. Some land-based casinos are moving online and some are trying to leave footprints on both areas.

This increase in gambling leads to many people becoming addicted to gambling. People were spending money meant for food, rent, and other necessities. All these led to the formation of GamSpot. GamSpot is a self-exclusion scheme that allows you to restrict your gambling activities.

All you have to do is register with GamSpot and they will make sure that you are unable to access gambling sites. However, the gambling sites that you cannot access are those that are in partnership with them. Others enjoy games like Roulette77!

Are land-based casinos covered by GamSpot in the UK?

As we have seen, GamSpot prevents you from accessing sites that are associated with them. When you register for GamSpot, you are prevented from accessing sites. For a gambler who is getting into online casinos, your registration is checked if it is linked to any account belonging to GamSpot members.

If there are no links, you can go ahead. If there is a link, access will be denied. This means that the operators check on online-based casinos. If the casino is land-based, it is not covered by GamStop. 

To those who need it, GamSpot is a huge help. If you registered and you change your mind, you can always find online sites not covered by GAMSTOP and try your luck there. All you have to do is;

  • Select a site from the list
  • Register as a new customer
  • Make a deposit
  • Play to your heart’s content 

If you are looking for ways to get around GamStop, consider the following;

1.    Joining Casinos with No Verification

You may think that all online casinos require you to verify your information when creating a new account. This is not the case. All you have to do is register and start playing. However, you will need some type of authentication so that you can withdraw your funds. This is meant to combat money laundering and fraud. Make sure you read the terms of the site to prevent shock when withdrawing your winnings.

2.    Register Using Someone Else’s Name


When you use your friend’s or spouse’s credentials to log in to online casinos, there is no way the system can tell it is you. Many gamblers use this method especially if their exclusion period has started. You should be aware that this is a breach of the terms and conditions of the site. If discovered, it can lead to legal issues. Using someone’s name without their consent can also cause serious legal issues for you.

To avoid all this hassle, all you have to do is visit a land-based casino. They do not stop anyone from playing. If you have registered on GamSpot, make sure you cancel your self-exclusion when you get the opportunity.


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