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Does Don Sweeney Have Any Semblance of a Plan For 2021?

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Zdeno Chara ended his 14 year career with the Boston Bruins today after signing a one year deal with the Washington Capitols. I am on record saying it’s time for the Bruins to move on from Chara anyway, considering he simply isn’t the tenure in Boston. He’s simply to slow to be an effective member of the blue line anymore and that’s okay. He gave this city more than we could ask for in his time here and 33 will be in the rafters in the near future.

What drives me nuts about CHara’s departure is how it was handled and what Don Sweeney has done to improve the team in Chara’s absence. We’re 2 weeks from the start of the season and Big Z just now signed a contract with another team? He very clearly states the Bruins had intentions of going younger on the blue line. How did they not tell him that and make it public back in September? Your 14 year captain who helped revive a dormant franchise and bring you your first Cup in nearly 40 years doesn’t deserve that respect?

not only that, but what has Don done to improve the defensive unit? Torey Krug walked for the same money you offered him last year (that was not on the table come free agency this year). Not a single top 6 free agent was brought in. Don signed the corpse of Kevan Miller for almost $1.3 million when the team is starved for cap space and he hasn’t played in almost two years.

I mean, what the hell is going on over at TD Garden? David Krejci is still starved for a consistent scorer on his wing, and it doesn’t appear that help is on the way with Mike Hoffman signing a PTO with the Blues that will likely lead to a contract. The top 7 defenseman on this team are Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, Craig Lauzon, Matt Grzelyck, Connor Clifton, and (puke) Kevan Miller and John Moore. That’s not exactly the most stable D unit in the league.

Not to mention, you’re putting that young, undersized defensive lineup up against the Penguins, Capitols, Flyers, and Islanders all year long. Thank God Tampa isn’t in the realigned division this year but you’re still facing off against the best teams in the metro all season.

This Bruins team may be in for a tough season in 2021. I’d expect to be watching a team that resembles the 2015-16 team far more than the team we watched the past two seasons.

Good luck to Z in Washington. You made hockey fun again in this town and I can’t wait to pay out the nose for tickets to your number retirement ceremony in a few years.

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