Terri Runnels Speaking Out. The #SpeakingOut Movement has led to a number of shocking accusations concerning sexual abuse, misconduct, and other disgusting behaviors in the pro wrestling industry, Now former wrestling performer Terri Runnels (arguably best known to wrestling fans for her work as Goldust’s manager Marlena) not only has renewed an accusation against WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, but revealed he has what is commonly referred to as “baby dick”

Terri Runnels

A Shocking Claim. Let’s review what Ms. Runnels had to say about Brock Lesnar’s apparently minimal manhood. During an appearance on the Kee on Sports podcast, Ms. Runnels stated:

“I don’t have a lot of respect for Brock, I don’t think Brock respects wrestling fans. Brock did something that if it was in today’s day and time…You know. He showed his penis to me and called my name as I was walking past where he was in the dressing room and opened his towel so I could see his manly bits. I would have much rather him not be so disrespectful of a female that’s been in this business for as long as I have been. He knew he was gonna have a lot of power, that they were gonna give him the strap but at that point, I’d been in this business a long time. I have respect and what he did was very very wrong. From a respect standpoint, from a sexual harassment standpoint, it was wrong.”

A Claim Made in 2004 For those asking why Ms. Runnels did not accuse Lesnar earlier, she brought the allegations up back in 2004 during an interview with Pro Wrestling Torch’s Wade Keller. When Keller asked her to play word association with Brock Lesnar, she answered:

Ewwww! You know what, I’ll tell you something because this is something I’ve never told before, but I’ll go ahead and rat on him. I have no respect for him whatsoever. The reason being – and maybe this is because he was young and dumb, and we’ve all had our young and dumb moments. When he was first in the business, I will never forget we were at a pay-per-view in England, and the girls’ dressing room and some other little room were right next door to each other. Dustin was in this other room watching a monitor and beside Dustin was Brock. He was in the middle. To the right of Brock was Curt Hennig. And I walked next door to say something to Dustin. I forget what. And Brock was sitting there in a towel and Brock opened the towel and exposed himself. And, boy was that a little red penis. I have never seen something so red. I didn’t know skin could be pink like a mouse. I just didn’t understand that could happen. But it was this pink thing. I remember thinking, number one, well, why would you want to show that? Number two, I remember thinking how disrespectful it was. I carry myself as a lady and have for many years. I’ve earned my respect in the business. You young, dumb punk to assume that I want to see you naked. That’s the kind of stuff that if it happened in IBM, there’s a massive lawsuit. Dustin knew about it because he was there to witness it. But I would never – and especially in this business I’ve seen too much at CNN and too much in wrestling, you don’t go and raise a ruckus. I basically ignored and have ignored it, so this is the first that that has gotten out. I think he’s a punk. Not that I want to see anybody do poorly, but I think in seeing that he’s not done well in football, it kind of like is karma. What goes around comes around. You get what you give out. So there you go. Dustin Rhodes and Terri Runnels (a/k/a Goldust and Marlena) It’s sad to me. Dustin and I talked about it. It would be one thing if I was some young, flirtatious soul and I flirted with him and it was going back and forth. I’ve told Dustin that story. We were around someone the other day who had this redish, pink skin and I told him what it reminded me of and we laughed. It was pretty disgusting. I wonder what kind of crap I’ll get for telling that story. I never, ever stir the pot. I keep a lot of stuff and I still keep a lot of stuff to myself and don’t share it, but I’ve just recently read some stuff about Brock and I thought, you know what, you get what you give, and he’s getting it. .”

If Mr. Runnels’s claim is true, it’s unknown if Mr. Lesnar suffers from what is known as micropenis. If he does, he’s not alone. Healthline defines the condition as:

Does Brock Have Physical and Character Shortcomings?

Micropenis is a medical term for a penis, usually diagnosed at birth, that is well under the normal size range for an infant. In every other way, including structure, appearance, and function, a micropenis is like any other healthy penis.

In terms of penis length for an adult, Healthline notes:

In an adult, the average stretched penile length is about 13.24 cm (5.21 in.). An adult micropenis is a stretched penile length of 9.32 cm (3.67 in.) or less.

Healthline notes that there are treatment options including hormone therapy, phalloplasty, and counseling. It’s unknown if Mr. Lesnar has a baby dick, micropenis, or any other schlong shortcomings. This discussion is only food for thought in light of Ms. Runnels’s comments.

What Now? If Ms. Runnels’s allegations are true, Lesnar’s potential penile problems should be the least of his worries. It should prove interesting whether the WWE addresses these allegations. Sadly, it’s likely they won’t and if the accusations are true, it’s another example of the “boys will be boys” locker room mentality that has encouraged and arguably even condoned this and other unacceptable behavior.


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