Does Anyone Know The Rule?

Written by AJ

Saturday night, Pittsburgh Penguins defensemen Brian Dumoulin drove to the net with the puck and scored, well at least he thought he did.

The goal was called back right away due to goaltender interference and he received a two-minute penalty, which took the Toronto Maple Leafs to a power play that the Leafs ended up scoring on.

All season long coaches and players have been taking to after game interviews, social media, and complaints to the league asking the same question.

What is goaltender interference?

Toronto Maple Leaf head coach, Mike Babcock earlier this week took an after game interview about his own goalie being hit and had this to say, “No one knows what is going on, so, we better get this thing solved. Let’s get this fixed, let’s get this fixed before the playoffs.”

Pittsburgh Penguins head coach, Mike Sullivan after yesterdays game stated, “It has been discussed all year long, it seems like every week there is something and this issued gets raised.”

After watching the video, you can comment if you thought it was or was not goaltender interference.

You can see Dumoulin shifts inside on the defender and does not make contact with Andersen until after he took the shot and the puck was already going in. Dumoulin was being pressured by the defensemen and there was no clear intent that he was trying to make contact with Andersen.

It clearly should have been called a goal.

Even Jordie Benn from the Dallas Stars thought it was a goal, and even tweeted throwing salt right at the league.

The league has fired back and answered that they want NHL coaches and players to stop publicly complaining about the rule.

If you do not want the coaches and players in your league to complain and make it an issue, here is a simple solution, fix it.

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