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Dodgers Hire Former Red Sox Employee Involved In Illegal Sign-Stealing

The Boston Red Sox were found by the commissioner’s office to have employed the illegal sign-stealing program in the 2018 regular season.

The investigation uncovered insufficient evidence to conclude they also cheated in the 2018 playoffs or the 2019 regular season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers hired J.T. Watkins to their coaching staff. Watkins was formerly a video replay coordinator for the Boston Red Sox, and played a prominent role in their sign-stealing scandal.

Before and after games, Watkins was tasked with decoding opponents’ signs, which was legal. As the team’s video replay coordinator, however, he also used his access to live game feeds to “supplement or update” his work, according to the commissioner’s office. This in-game use of video to decipher signs was illegal.

The Dodgers have been the team that has probably been most affected by the sign-stealing era of the MLB.

“Manager Dave Roberts said of Watkins’ responsibilities: ‘I think it’s just to give us whatever competitive advantage that we can get on the preparation side, the potential opposition pitchers, tendencies, and also work with our hitting guys closely.’ Asked if he knew how that sounded, Roberts replied, ‘I do. But I don’t want to say, ‘Within the rules.’ It should be, without saying, within the rules.’ Roberts said he didn’t hold anything against Watkins because an employee in his position would have to do what he’s told if he wants to keep his job,” as per Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times.

J.T. Watkins. Photo courtsey of Minor League Baseball – Twitter

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