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Dodgers Fan Knocked Out During Street Fight Outside Stadium

Written by Tony Ghaul

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan was knocked out during a street fight outside the stadium.

The fight started a few minutes after the Dodgers lost to the Minnesota Twins on the night, with multiple fans getting into a verbal confrontation before things got ugly.

Two men ended up pushing each other before they started swinging. A fan wearing a Clayton Kershaw jersey ran toward a man in a blue Dodgers shirt and was left unconscious as he hit the ground really hard.

“They started pushing each other and then they got into a fight … and then a couple of seconds later (one guy) was knocked out on the floor, unconscious,” witness Jonathan Lopez told KTLA, adding that the brawl began around 10:15 p.m. outside the centerfield entrance to the stadium.

Photo courtsey of KTLA

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